We want you to know who you're working with before you order from Tide. Here's a little about us and our backstories.

We all originally met through gaming. We started up our company, Intermissum Limited in late 2017 and have since grew it to an incredible scale. We want to help offer this service to other companies, whether they're new or not.

We all have experience with influencers – working with influencers with 1,000,000s of followers – and other forms of digital marketing. Let me explain a little about us all individually.

I do most of the social media and marketing tasks at Tide and I'll be the one writing most of these blog posts. If you need anything, feel free to reach out to me at ryan@intermissum.com.

Alex handles most of the emails and client work at Tide. He's easy to reach via alex@intermissum.com or through the client Slack.

Jay is a software developer and does most of the technical and behind the scenes work at Tide. He's always available at jay@intermissum.com or through our Slack.

Hopefully this gives a brief insight on the Tide team, and who you're working with.