There's only one Christmas each year, and it just so happens to be now. Here's some tips you and your company can use in the future to take advantage of the holiday season.

Sales and Discounts
One thing that a lot of companies, especially startups, fail to do is to use sales to their advantage. Whilst you shouldn't always have a sale active, it's very useful to take advantage of the holidays to lower your prices and try and sell more.

If you do this, ensure that you are still making a good profit off of your stock, and make sure you don't do sales too often as people will expect them and become used to them.

Use the holidays as a time to ensure you're promoting your brand actively on social media and other advertising channels. Try and engage with new customers, whilst also trying to keep in touch with your current, loyal customer-base.

New Customers and Products
Christmas time is a great time to launch new products to target new customers, as people will be looking for presents to gift to their loved ones. Ensure that you use this to your advantage, and also use this as a marketing strategy.

Take a Break
It's the holidays. Make sure you, and your team, are taking a well-deserved break and are ready to go wild in 2019.

Tide wish you all the best of luck in 2019. Here's to the future!