In 2018, it's not so difficult to start up with a small budget. You just need to spend more time and effort on your campaigns. Here's a few tips and some advice on what you can do to increase traffic.

Use Social Media
It might sound obvious, but social media is one of the best ways to grow your following and it's free! You can grow your social media following in a number of ways, such as through following people who you think might be interested in your account, or using keywords and hashtags in order to attract people searching for your niche.

Make sure you're posting frequently too! You want to keep your followers engaged and interested in your content/account. Post often, but make sure they're still high quality and interesting posts.

Make a Blog
Blogs can attract potential customers or clients through solely writing about your product or experiences with it. You can use platforms like Medium and Ghost to setup your own blog for free, and it's a really easy thing to do!

Word of Mouth
Spread the word on your own social media, and try get your friends and family to share it too. This often can bring in some loyal customers, and is free!

There's loads of other ways you can grow your business for free or on a low budget. You just need to experiment with what works for your niche.