Do you want to spend 2019 growing your company to a new level? Find out how you can do so in this post.

It's perhaps the easiest it has ever been to start a new company. There's so many opportunities available on the internet that allow anyone to make money with a very low starting budget. Options like e-commerce, graphic design/web design agencies, social media management and more are all very simple ways of making your own company, but, how do you get sales?

There's a few things that new companies can do to get sales, such as:

  • Use social media to their advantage and using hashtags and posting often to ensure that you're boasting its full potential
  • Directly contact potential customers or businesses that may be interested
  • Use a combination of SEO and AdWords to make your business appear higher on search results
  • Work directly with a marketing agency (such as us here at Tide) to ensure that you're receiving the most value for your money

The best thing to do is to first evaluate your budget. If it's small, try do it on your own until you have a large enough budget to use agencies and third-parties to help you promote your brand.

If you're looking for advice on other topics on how to get started, feel free to have a look around some of our other blog posts, as they're very detailed and contain lots of key information about marketing in your early stages.